RF Sampler (-55db)


Technical Data:

  • SWR – Better than 1.1 at 60MHz (SWR PLOT)
  • Insertion Loss: Less than 0.1db at 54Mhz
  • Power Handling: 1500W PEP / 800W Continous carrier
  • Attenuation – Sampling Port: ranging from -54 to -58db in 1 to 60MHz range – (ATTENUATION PLOT)

Designed & Manufactured In Australia

Sold Fully Assembled & Tested

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Introducing the RF Sampler, a high-quality device designed to enable the monitoring of high-power RF signals on a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope. This product is equipped with top-notch components and offers a -55dB signal sample on its SMA sampling port. With the capability to handle the full legal power of 1500W and featuring SO239 connectors on both input and output sides, it ensures easy and convenient connections. Operating across HF + 6m bands with an insertion loss of 0.1dB or less at 60MHz, this device is a must-have for Hermes Lite setups or Pure Signal sampling requirements.


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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm

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